Visitors will find and remember your website…
when you use...
an already branded generic name!

Strategic (Niche) Marketing and Already Branded Generic Domains

Keyword Marketing

Many businesses and individuals have taken to keyword domain marketing through search engines and other media. This involves having a domain name that matches the product or service of their company. Some also have a second website that targets a specific product of their company. For example, say your company and website is It is advantageous to also have a domain/website for an actual product or service you offer such as or The reason is that it is more economical to buy a quality keyword domain name for the SEO/ranking advantage than it is to buy that traffic.

Here are some examples of advertisers that use generic, descriptive keyword domain names.

Website Promotion

Similarly, it is prudent to consider an already branded generic word or phrase when it comes to promotion, as it is that much easier to remember. For example, say a company offers a marketing service that helps other companies gain exposure. It would make sense then to own and market this service using a domain like “” which describes their business in a word and is easy to remember. Promoting a service from such a domain also portrays a company or service as being ahead of the curve for having an obviously great domain name!

Just ask yourself how many times you have seen a website advertised and could not remember the domain name?