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Keyword Domain Names and the Canada .CA TLD

Keyword Domain Names

SeoChecklistYour domain name is one of the primary factors that search engines use to rank your web site. By selecting a domain that relates directly to the point of your web site you increase the likelihood that search engines will rank your site higher for those related keywords. It remains however that the right domain name alone will not do the job. You still need to have quality content that describes your site and results in time spent on-site by your visitors.

Why get a .CA Top Level Domain (TLD)

In addition to looking at the IP geographic location (where your site is hosted) the major search engines use the Top Level Domain (TLD) as a common method of determining where a site is located. If a business or individual wants to be found in the Canadian search results it is important then to have a site that uses a .CA domain name in order to receive a significant ranking benefit in all searches originating in Canada.